I am a guitarist living and working in Armidale NSW Australia. My primary occupation consists of guitar teaching and playing with the amazing Steve Thorneycroft in the duo EphenStephen. I am also a member of the celtic group Trì, originals improv trio the Caution Horses, acoustic Deckchair Duo (with my darling wife), and the Fovndlings, self-professed purveyors of ‘Cow Punk’, listen to us on iTunes or Spotify.


    1. Not at the moment Michael, I’m travelling this year. You should give Black Dot music a call on 6696 3530, they have contacts for almost all the local teachers. Good luck.

  1. Hi Stephen, I see you are still travelling and having fun. I’m doing a book on the culture vultures of Armidale, as profiled in Billboard 2001/2 (would like to do more people, but have to stick with just those I profiled, otherwise too big!) I gather Joseph is your son, and would appreciate being able to contact him, as I am doing a couple of pages or so on The Gypsy Hot Club.

  2. Hi Steve, hoping you have really enjoyed your time away! I am interested in getting lessons from you. Is this possible?
    Regards David

      1. Hi Stephen, I’m in the middle of building a website for the launch of Jewels of New England. It appears that I can also advertise coming events (my daughter, Skye, is working all this out😵). It seems to me to be a chance to ‘revive’ a type of Billboard, so I’ll talk about that at the opening. That is VERY exciting! It would mean that the people profiled in the book can keep me up to date with new releases of books, or plays/concerts etc. which will be uploaded weekly. It also means that I can get on with Vol II – of those people (like you and your children!) that were not ‘eligible’ for the current book (as it was based on Billboard people I’d interviewed). In the research days (Jan-April) I got up to 225 people (without even trying) and after having a nervous breakdown, 😰decided to go back to the original people I’d interviewed. However, now I can think about a second volume, and that is very very exciting for me.

        I’ve been trying to find Stephen Thorneycroft’s email address in order to be able to send him my weblink (when it becomes available). Could you please flick this email to him? Also, if the 2 of you could play on the day (April 15th, Austin College, 2pm – 3.30) that would be totally awesome. So far, I’m having a good response from the musicians in the book, and also people like Gordon Cope, who’ll act the fool with a couple of poems. Canapés will be at 3.30pm (a kind benefactor is paying for that). The programme for the ‘concert’ will be on the website as well.

        The retrospective will be interesting: sculptures in the foyer; pottery & books on tables at the back of the hall. Fiori is hopefully singing; Deidre is playing and also bringing her THREE UNE TENORS; David Brown & Ben Thorn will play as well. The NECOM children’s ‘Rainbow Group’ are hopefully playing, and if that happens, then I’m inclined to have a donation hat at the door, with money going to NECOM. Ann Ghandar was going to play, but has a clash with dates that she can’t shift, which is a great shame. Andrea Gledhill will be arranging special parking for the guests, and we are paying 2 students for 3 hours to look after the art works.

        To have you two to play would be beyond my wildest dreams. I can’t believe how supportive everyone has been. Barbara Albury will be flying up from Sydney; we’ll be coming up on the 10th April (we are in the west, waiting for a new house to be built in Mt. Vic, but I miss N.E. SO much!); my 2 daughters will be flying up for it, and some others will be coming from Brisbane and Maleny (Chris & Judith Ross-Smith). Petah Abbot did the cover design; Jim Nicholls did the photography for it, and Skye put it all together – graphically speaking.

        The Ascent Group are printing it, and they are nothing short of miraculous! If you increase the writing on the back of the book in the picture, you’ll understand a little bit more about my style. Quite irreverent but very serious as well. Lots and lots of photos (which have come out very very well) and emojis – for a bit of light relief.

        Look forward to hearing from you, Sincerely, Deni

        Deni McKenzie 25 Aspect Cres, Glenmore Park 2745 0448706561


  3. Please let me know when you start teaching again. I recently retired from playing trumpet and always wanted to learn guitar. Moving to Armidale with the family in Jan 2019 and will need a guitar instructor after we arrive.

  4. Hi Stephen
    Could you possibly email me regarding guitar lessons?
    It would be greatly appreciated 😊

    1. Hi Renee, I have no vacancies at the moment. Would you like me to put you on a waiting list? If not you’d be best to contact Black Dot music on ‭6696 3530‬, they have contacts for most teachers in town.

  5. Hi just wondering if you are doing guitar lessons at the moment? My daughter has had a guitar teacher for the last couple of years but he has recently retired from teaching

  6. I have been doing classic guitar lessons with Matt Nolan for the last three and a bit years. Working up to about grade 5 trinity. As you are aware Matt has left town and there does not seem to be any classical teachers around. I note you are not taking students but if you can find a vacancy sometime it would be most helpful. Even though I read music and have a knowledge of where to find notes on the fret board, teaching oneself is a struggle and it’s only been three weeks. regards, Phil

  7. Hi mate I would like to get some classical lessons if you do them? I’ve played basic rhythm guitar and mucked around for a few years. But really want to learn classical style. Keen to start asap. Cheers. Thomas

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